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With Scriba your meetings will be better organized and you'll get better achievements from them.

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Always in sync
with your team.

With Scriba you're always able to get to relevant meeting data. No matter where you are.

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Scriba provides you with a easy overview of your schedule in a glance. Direct access to the different meetings in clear ranking by the teams you are working with. Select your own colors of your teams and you have permanent overview.

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Scheduling of meetings just became a lot easier. Through working with teams you can set your meeting and invite the entire team at once, and add guests that only visit. This way you never forget team members and everybody has access to the agenda and documents. Through Scriba everybody in the meeting can suggest and prepare new agenda items for the organiser or the chair to accept.

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You know the trouble with conference calls, lacking dialin codes and numbers at the time of the meeting. That is all history with Scriba, you preconfigure your personal codes and by a simple click all uses get the right codes and dialin number in their schedule and same goes for you as the organiser.

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The hassle with writing meeting minutes in a well styled formal document is also over with Scriba. We generate a good looking and professional minute document for you to circulate internally and to use in a formal way. And ofcourse all your information is at your fingertips in your Scriba app.

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Documents as part of meetings or teams can be easilly shared with team members in either meetings or the team page. Ending the hassle with big documents being rejected and bounced by e-mail servers. Again at the fingertips of everyone in the meeting to prepare hassle free.

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During meetings tasks can be assigned to teammembers thus saving time and discussion on the topic. After the meeting the entire team has a permanent overview of the open tasks and get notified on task completion, thus saving precious time in the next meeting.

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Decisions are a key item in meetings, but are not always registered as good as should be done. With Scriba you have a clear overview of all the decisions taking during meetings within the team. This gives you full control and back tracking capability.

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